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Whether it’s the imminent onset of yet another birthday nudging La even further over 40 35, or just the need for speed, I know not.

But I bought a scooter.


Yup, I am no longer just a walking, talking midlife crisis, but a walking, talking midlife crisis on wheels.

Was inspired by the venerable Sarah Terrific-Home, who received one from Santa and has already clocked up lots of Micro miles.

She and I are planning some scoots sometime soon, and – mark my words – I will wipe la floor with that woman. She will choke on my scooting dust.

The Junior Cost Centres are very impressed with la prowess. Female JCC was even heard to remark, “Wow Mum, I think you’ve really got it now!”

Tricks remain a work in progress.


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  1. And what a very stylish scooter rider indeed! The inner city environs won’t know what’s hit them.

  2. Lil' laaaaady

    Scooter is the least interesting part of that pic for me – your art! Your couch! Your coffee table! Love!!!

    • Hmm, poor old Conran coffee table had been moved one too many times and is at death’s door. It’s still sold there but more than 50% more expensive now than when I bought mine! Thanks re couches – love those velvet puppies sick. It’s our Delta (the good room – geddit..?!)


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