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Today, La did something very un-Trivish. It involved a long trip up la Parramatta Road. It involved discount shopping. And it involved jostling between large trolleys and small, aggressive, pointy-elbowed, multi-generational families.

La went to *deep breath* Costco.


Am soooo late to la party (as usual). But that place is more fracking amazing than a slew of coal seam gas profits. I walked around with la mouth agog, touching stock, fondling price tags, looking sideways for another newbie with whom to share my wonderment and awe. (Gods bless Jan from Terrey Hills, who stepped into the breach in the cold cuts aisle.)


Need a massive flat screen with your 15 loaves of bread and 12 litres of milk?


Or perhaps some Swarovski figurines with your…


Or what about a…


…with your chafing dish?


Sounds painful, non? But if the chafing exacts too high a toll, you could recline on your chaise “lounge”…


…while you nibble away at your whole San Daniele prosciutto at only – wait for it, smallgoods fans – $28 dollares a kilo! At that price you’d have enough spare coin to hire Javier Bardem to feed it to you.


Loo roll, kitchen towel, razors for los Seriousimo face bristles, giant yoghurts, body moisturiser, wheat fields of pasta, udders of sliced cheese, hand wash, a lasagne for the Junior Cost Centres (Seriousimo was on the receiving end of a sky-high, disapproving Trivialista eyebrow when he made an off-colour joke about horse mince), a done-and-dusted antipasto platter for tomorrow evening’s guests (you know who you are, WonderWandies!), and a few of these bargain basement beauties…


Who doesn’t love a Danish pat?

However, all this cheapness came at a cost.


Yee-ouch. That’s almost a Mary Katrantzou dress there. Suspect overspending during one’s first trip to Costco is a trap for young players.

Next time I’ll take a list — and a smaller trolley.


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  1. Holy crap that’s a lot off shopping!! Sorry about that “dad” gene!!

  2. Fun!! We well and truly matched (’s all those diapers) your bill the first time we visited Costco Australia. Now we stick to the list but always end up having a purge right before we check out. Then it’s on to the big Coke and hot dog. Ah, a taste of America xx


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