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One thing you might not know about La is what a fiercely loyal creature she is. See this much-squeezed, much-loved tube?


Well you’re unlikely to see it for much longer, as it’s been discontinued.  Thank you GlaxoSmithKline and your silly run-together-with-the-odd-capital-letter name! Don’t you know La’ve used this Macleans Freshmint fangpaste and its sibling, Mildmint, since La literally sprouted fangs? Shame on you and your discontinuation.

La distress has led to panic buying from various chemist direct sites… only to result in (soon to be smelly) sighs of disappointment when the paste that arrives turns out to be the allegedly new and improved Macleans — with red, white and blue stripes. Blecchhh.

Thank los gods La Triv has access to this, her virtual organ of — ’cause pretty soon you might not want to commune with me face-to-face.

Poor old Signor Seriousimo, who’s such a good sport when it comes to doing as he’s told. He’s now using the vile tri-stripe so that what’s left of the old fave can be conserved for La’s fangalistas. In response to the most recent bout of weeping, wailing and tearing of vestments, he was possibly heard to mutter, “You know, you might just have to let it go,” or possibly not. To speak such blasphemy would be the act of a braver man than him.

So — because in the near future la breath could be smelly and los fangalistas furry, figure it will be best to blind people with a cracking digi-print.

With the help of the srsly stylish Ms GOS (she owned the requisite DJs Amex card, me having chopped mine up declined to continue my membership), I bought this with a whopping 50 per cent off. I know, that’s a reduction of almost northern hemispheric proportions.



Yup, Mary. Mary with an orange sale dot = even better. And guess what? This Friday GOS and La will be meeting her in the ladyflesh.


Time for los pointy elbows to come out so I secure a pic. So what to wear when La meets the lady herself  — Cake-A-Flake frock or Dorchester blouse?


Vote now!

This past Saturday La Trivialista ticked over another number closer to the grave. Well, that’s los pessimistalistas’ view of birthdays. Not mine but!

Day started with an omelette cooked by the female Junior Cost Centre. Have to say, it’s fab when those JCCs start returning on one’s investment. It was topped with herbs grown beneath los dusty rafters of Palazzo Trivialista, as well as some general green foliage that I’m not sure passes as foodstuff. But that girl has a top eye for presentation.


Seriousimo outdid himself with this little morsel.



Yup, srsly. Love it sick.

Boated to dinner with some ladyfriends, as you do when you live in the Harbour City.


Only slightly alarming part was that there was no jetty. WE HAD TO CLIMB OVER THE LIP OF THIS WHARF in our big shoes and fine frocks. Yup, all of our little noggins literally popped over the edge. If fellow Finger Wharf diners were amused by the sudden materialisation of five ladies from beneath the boards so regularly trod by Rusty Crowe and John Laws, they hid it well.

Hopefully los ladies will all still be my friends after the tube’s empty.


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  1. Dearest La Triv,

    You won’t go wrong with either MK options for your meet and greet- yes the pieces are divine but its how YOU wear them that counts ( and you wear anything well).

    Can’t wait to hear how it went. Enjoy!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Oh you’re too kind… getting very excited about my meet and greet — will report back! I hear my friend Ms SH placed a Piamento order? She is v excited x

  2. Wear that beautiful top!! Will get Syd to try to stash mac leans away! Your breakkie looked amazing along with the necklace !

  3. louise mckeering

    Keep up the good words Sam. I just love them. Love Louise McKeering

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