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The Glamour

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So, today was awesome.

I met Mary.

I had my photo taken with Mary.

Mary was visibly moved by the fact I was wearing her Dorchester blouse.

Suffice to say, Mary and La are pretty much besties.

But – sadly – that’s where we leave it for now, as the Glamour of motherhood has once again intruded upon the fabulousness of fashion, and La’m at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital with a crook female Junior Cost Centre.


Right now, Mary’s probably having her toes kissed by textile design students and her hair fondled by Vogue editors. And I’m surrounded by red-faced, steaming, squealing, poorly infants. But hey ho. Nothing can break our bond.

More tomorrow, plus PICS.


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  1. Hope she (not Mary) is ok! Poor little girl!!


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