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So these were los hoofers all Bionda Castana-ed en route to meeting Mary at David Jones last week. When the hell will La learn to invest in regular pedicures, I ask you?


And don’t be nasty about the crazily long second toe — we all have our embarrassments of heredity.


Here’s the hugely stylish Ms GOS, who kindly blagged me into the Mary meet-and-greet on her invite. She’s a more valued customer of David Jones than La; mostly all I do is complain here beneath the virtual dusty rafters about how shop-soiled their goods are these days.

GOS wore “Georgie” by Piamento, the label of my lovely friend, Ms Jo Wondermaker. Do yourself a favour and click over there and away from here pronto. A couple of days after this photo was taken, Georgie Gardiner had a srsly self-referential clothing moment on the Today show, and also wore “Georgie”.

Aren’t GOS and I a veritable riot of print? Los coppers should have been after us with truncheons and tear gas.

So, off we set to bring about a reunion between my Dorchester blouse and its maker.

And here she is!


Los frocks were amazing, but GOS and La concurred that the models were too skinny, poor chickens. La must be getting old; used to feel envious of girls that slim, now I just want to force-feed them roast lamb and a generous helping of la special sticky date pud.


During a Q&A with Vogue ed Edwina McCann, Mary was charming, bright, unaffected, smart and generous with her time and answers. When Ms McCann called for questions from the assembled disciples members of the audience, La pounced, and asked Mary for the story of my Dorchester blouse.

She was visibly thrilled to see me wearing it (or, I guess, to see someone wearing it). She may even have been heard to squeal.

She said when she designed that collection she thought about her ideal windows, ideal doors, ideal chandeliers, ideal tables, ideal vistas, ideal flowers — you name it in terms of the elements we see in rooms. She loved doing it, and enjoyed being an interior designer as well as a fashion designer for a season.  So amazing to have the chance to hear from someone what they were thinking when they designed an item of clothing you love.

After that, Mary and I were besties.  Here we are.  She is compact in terms of height, and improbably young.



See?  “With all my love”. We are truly one.

As La’ve long said, there is indeed something about Mary.


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  1. Happy days! Wonder where we can go next?

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