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Today there’s a nip in the air, heralding the imminent arrival of la favourite time of la year: chilly time. Perversely, cooler morns always make me want to head to la costa. So this frosty one los Junior Cost Centres and I hot-wheeled it to Vaucluse to break the fast at Il Grumpy Baker. And what a fracking great choice that turned out to be.


Just a trad, completely delicious brekkie menu. The Harbour City is riddled with tops brekkie gaffs, but srsly, this place is up there with the all-time top o’ the pops.


Ah, the happy situation of los scrambled googies sidling up to advocarto, which in turn is canoodling in the corner, like a horny teenager, with vine-linked oven roasted cherry tom-toms. Drool. Oh, and it being a bakery and all, homemade tostadas enchiladas. (That’s what we call toast beneath los dusty rafters of Palazzo Trivialista.)


But the true revelation was these button mushies, normally the tasteless, forsaken members of the funghi family. Here, they were lightly sauteed in beurre then mixed with some cream and softened onions. Oh my holy Pope Francis: genius.


Both Male and Female JCCs were most impressed with these little open-faced ham and cheese scenarios.


Female JCC bought us a Grumpy sourdough bread baby, freshly baked and swaddled.


Here he is. We are so proud. Mum and bub both doing well.



Afterwards, somewhat morbidly, Male JCC wanted to have a squiz at the cemetary. This triggered lots of talk about who in la famiglia Trivialista-Seriousimo would be buried and who would be “sprinkled”. Most present seemed to opt for sprinkling. Apparently Zermatt’s Matterhorn will play host to Female JCCs dusty remnants.


Shielded small innocent eyes from this on the way out of the “dead centre of Vaucluse” (Ha ha! Dad joke!). Someone’s obviously had a merry old time post-Grumpy and pre-sprinkling. Think it was the roasted cherry tom-toms and the advocarto?


Ciao — La’m off to eat my young (bread baby). x

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