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Los specks on your screen right now would be the sand coming from La shooken, sun-drenched mane. Yup, that’s right folks – la famiglia Trivialista-Seriousimo is at la beach.

Which can only mean two things for a sun-hater like La: prawns and shopping.

Ever headed to the seaside and snaffled up a tie-dyed tote or two, a faux Camilla kaftan and a pair of rhinestone-encrusted Havaianas?

Nup, me neither. Well at least not for a decade or so.

Today I snaffled this:


La Anya Hindmarch navy sparkleclutch – half price at Toscani, Hastings Street, Noosa! La’ve been eyeing that puppy off online for about 18 months now. The whole happy experience was almost enough to restore la faith in bricks and mortar shopping.


This is the male Junior Cost Centre trying to bend it like Beckham, or do his best flamingo impression. Jury’s out. Get a load of the solo sandy bott cheek. How the hell did he manage that?


Los skies have been amazing. Have been loving them (you noticed, K Maxster!), and also loving Instagramming la hell out of them.


After a busy day wave- and clutch-chasing, Seriousmo and I are now relaxing on the sofa at la luxury rental at Sunshine Beach, the JCCs abed. Issue forth with joyful yowling. Well, let me clarify a few things: Seriousimo did not chase clutches today and knows nothing about the latest addition to la clutch arsenal (and nor will he until it has served the requisite time with the dust bunnies beneath the Marital Bed of Deceit); I’m relaxing in front of ep 1 of Game of Thrones, hoping to induce a new evening addiction that’s not Hobnobs; and Seriousmo’s relaxing by flicking through some legal briefs and draft precedents, casting the odd, loving glance at the Camilla in our marriage — la BlackBerry.

Astonishing we ended up together when you think about it.



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  1. Luuurve your new clutch (blue being on my fave colours, of course) – and your continued sky watching…. (thanks for the mention, I feel very spesh)… they are definitely to be enjoyed… I am home now from my Hawaiian escapade, any chance of a visit?? xxx


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