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This morning my little female junior cost centre (JCC) and La shimmied off to los marchés at Carriageworks. On the way we drove past what’s possibly one of los prettiest shopfronts in the Harbour City.

20130803-130100.jpgWhat a shame La’ve already bought the heirloom table, which currently every day has to be wiped clean of mould spores due to the extreme dustiness of the rafters at the new palazzo Trivialista-Seriousimo. Grr.

There’s no doubt the landscape on approach to los marchés is a bit of an urban gritfest.

20130803-130120.jpgBut don’t let that turn you off, because inside it’s a greedy guts’s paradise.

20130803-130142.jpgHere’s the JCC with our new Spanish wheels: the Rolser, in large monochrome polka dot. We take this markets business srsly.

Hungry? How about some confused eggs?

20130803-130219.jpgHere, you know, you can even buy a small personalised boule from Sonoma with which to break your fast. Despite that, JCC opts religiously for sheep’s pecorino and a Sonoma mini-baguette, avec fresh juice.

20130803-130241.jpgFor La, it’s Kylie Kwong’s Berkshire pork bun with housemade chilli all the way. Srsly, once you’ve had it you’ll wonder how you could ever go back to starting the day with Corn Flakes or even a small personalised boule.

20130803-130258.jpgAlex Herbert is here too, cooking up amazing brekkie rolls. Lines are long, so they must be good. Haven’t tried one though, as after two KK pork buns there’s little spare real estate in la gullet.


20130803-130356.jpg…and remember to mention to all your friends what a fabulous blog this is.

20130803-130417.jpgRhubarb rhubarb! I would eat this, roasted with demerara and a cinnamon stick, seventeen times a day if it wasn’t for Seriousimo’s antipathy. How is that possible?, I ask him. He mutters something about bad memories of soggy nursery puddings at school in those Great United Kingdoms. Wish he would Move On.

JCC and I engaged in some competitive trolley-watching.



20130803-130515.jpg…and decided our Rolser was clearly the most stylish. Those poor punters had no idea what they were up against in the trolley style stakes.

Visited Hot Potato Guys (they said hi, Aunty Cait!). Got right up in their mixed grill and asked for a delicious mixed roasting bag — a steal at $5. Srsly, there’s something about that earthy spud smell that gets into your nostrils and makes you come over all soily and Druidish. Mmmmm…

20130803-130543.jpgThen we visited Sweet Mushroom Man and admired his fungal wares.

20130803-130603.jpgWe’re frocking up tonight and heading off to dine with our good friends, los Grass Ponds, at their new gaff in Double Bay. They were renting, then bought the apartment two doors down the hallway. So to warm their new maison, La swangled up this bouquet from fleurs bought at los marchés. It’s a secret I’m now willing to put out there in everyone’s mixed grill:  La’m actually quite talented when it comes to flowers, having studied with master 1 and master 2 and all. But I’m not yet available for weddings or funerals.

20130803-130627.jpgSo — not la first time I’ve urged you to join me for a pork bun at Everleigh Market, and it won’t be the last.


If I see you there next Saturday at 8am, buns are on me. Good weekend x

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  1. So glad to see you back!


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