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Dusty old Pat rafters

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Regardless of what Gwyneth says about gluten being bad even for the average non-coeliac, La likes to start the day with a slice of toasted miche topped with raspberry Bonne Maman.


After all, whose life wouldn’t benefit from more smaller, personalised boules?

In other news, la famiglia Trivialista-Seriousimo recently moved to beneath some new and different dusty rafters. Only problem with the new digs is, ahem, the srsly dusty rafters.



La mentioned the problem of the dusty, mildewed, web-smothered rafters to someone recently who responded to la whinge with news that some place called “Bunnings” stocks something that will reach up to the nethers for the purposes of removing dust, spores and webs. What is this “Bunnings”, I ask you? And does it also stock Mary Katrantzou?

Speaking of Mary, and glancing back to la last post (hmm, sounds very ANZAC, non?), have been meaning to tell you all I did some Babcock & Brown-esque domestic financial engineering which meant that, in the end, la closet was able to benefit from the gobsmackingly amazing northern summer sales. Hallelujah! Voila — a selection of la loot.


Thanks to the generous sale gods at Matches, La scooped up this Mary K combo at 50% off… love love, and will wear next time I meet me ol’ China, Mares.

Notice the teeny tiny golden feet on the pouch? As it if could stand up on its own?!? And — aha! — I just noticed the little twenty quid insignias on the top; if Seriousimo asks how much it cost I do believe this is the figure I shall quote.


Nice, eh? And by this clever fella…


Gotta love picking Laself up a couple Erdem torso-coverings at 60% off from our friends at la Outnet.

Longtime readers of this virtual home of La Trivialista would be well aware of La’s love for Gwyneth. Often see piccies of her getting about Brentwood and Belsize Park sporting a fab shark-tooth necklace. So La copied, courtesy of Pucci at 60% off. (Specific information on percentage reductions is being included in case Signor Seriousimo ever overcomes his disbelief in blogs and happens to read of los shopping exploits.)


Scared the bejeezers out of a small Junior Cost Centre at the loin fruits’ school by telling him it was a walrus tooth I wrenched from the beast’s mouth after a bloody battle in Antarctica. Note to self: tone down the Steve Irwin yarns when dealing with five-year-old fruits of other women’s loins.


My super stylish friend M got me onto Markus Lupfer knits — too cute. Love the rainy one I bought super-cheap from Matches — apt, as it had been raining for about seven weeks in the Harbour City.

And this was possibly la bargainest purchase of all: a great piece of urban fatigue-wear. By Lot 78, this ‘parka’ was reduced from — wait for it — $780 to $250. One click, and that puppy was off the market.


Might not look like much, but am loving it. It’s posing here on some dusty slats.

How did you fare in the sales? The world outside our little bubble must really be hurting because they were goooood — even after factoring in the decimated state of our Pacific peso. Its reign as King of Currencies was good while it lasted…

Ciao x

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  1. Very nice to log on and see (a much overdue!!!) La Triv missive. A very nice Saturday surprise wedged in between 2 dance classes, 2 soccer matches, 1 trumpet lesson and Kiddy Cross Fit. I’m exhausted – and haven’t actually danced, run on a field or played an instrument. And I need to see those dusty rafters in person soon – looks like you have settled in well.

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