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It’s a shame about Ray

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And the shame of it is that Naomi’s already snapped him up.


For several weeks now the Triv Media Control Console has been firmly fixed on Ray Donovan, starring the impressive jawline of Liev Schreiber, streamed super-fast from the US each and every Tuesday night. Gods bless that Showtime channel.

It’s a great story, but not one for delicate flowers. Ray and his two bros are from the wrong side of South Boston (read: trouble!) and the biggest slice of wrong in their lives is dastardly pater, Mickey.

Enter Jon Voight.

ray 2

I know Angelina and her dad have had some issues in the past, but she should really forgive him and invite him back into her life and the lives of her multitudinous loin fruits, because he is srsly SMOKIN’ on this show. Menacing, scary, louche, lewd, profane — the works. Jonny must have thought it was the best script to come his way since Midnight Cowboy.

But it’s Hollywood fixer Ray (Liev) who holds it all together: the classic anti-hero we all seem to love so fiercely these days. Cut from the cloth of Tony Soprano and stitched in the pattern of Batman (yes, srsly! Though maybe that’s just the jaw…) he mooches and broods and simmers his way around Tinseltown, mopping up after his superstar clients, having the odd extra-marital transgression and trying to placate his screechy, self-absorbed harridan of a wife (ya think the last two might be linked?).

But then sometimes he just breaks down and sobs — and we love him and his big jaw, and feel sorry for him because he lost his mum when he was young, and his sister too, and a priest tried inappropriate things on him when he was little (and succeeded with his brother) and we remember he is Scarred and Flawed and that’s what makes for great telly.

Meanwhile, what the schnapps has been going on at Country Road? Has Sophie Holt been reading los postalistas? If so, hi Sophe! Because…behold:

CR 1

Can you believe this dress is currently dangling from the CR rails? Could this mean CR is no longer off the rails? Hopefully fewer epic fails? Wind now in its sails? Will we flock to the sales? I know, ’nuff.

In other news, today is a busy day at the Wordporium, so tuff-cuff accessories were in order. With a feminine twist.

20130813-084914.jpgVery excited, as there’s a little package currently winging its way to La from our old china plates* at J Crew — stuffed with their amazing sparkly bling. After all, we should as often as possible be trying to dress like Jenna. What a legend.

Jenna and Micky

Love the shirttails and cuffs hanging out. Love the over-the-clothes bling (something Trinny and Susannah said we should never do. How’s that working out for them these days?). She’s so cool she left her man for a lady, and — even after a storm of media coverage — followed that old Henry Ford maxim of “don’t complain, don’t explain.” Classy. She’s the complete antithesis of a Kardashian.

And she has a great jaw, just like Ray.


*Cockney rhyming slang for “mates”. Explanation provided for the benefit of our new readers in Russian Federation. Dobro požalovat! Is there anything you can do to get that horrid president of yours to listen to Stephen Fry and overturn the fascist anti-LGBT laws? Jenna is NOT HAPPY.

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  1. If you loved the CR dress, wait till you see the stylish Navy PLAIN cotton one in the Piamento S13 collection !!! Not as “dressy” as the CR, but certainly a classic and stylish cotton number for those casual weekend gatherings!

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