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It was a bella morn in the Harbour City.


Decided to match this crazy, bright anti-winter weather with acid neon and a Jenna-style, top button done up (thanks, Josh Goot, for equipping me with my first set of collar stays for super pointy collar action!), sparkly neckwear situation.


La seeks only to make Jenna proud.

Been a busy period here at the Wordporium, so treats are in order. Hmm, help me choose.

1. a herbal tea?

2. four almonds?

3. a sultana?

Loving *NOT* the 12WBT regime on frenetic Wordy days such as this. Particularly when the corporate catering gods rain down their tasties on us in order to keep us sated and productive.

If La’m not careful, though, will end up looking like this:

obelix_coloured_by_crossbones88-d4nmzcnThe fat fella today served as the inspiration for the female junior cost centre’s Book Week Parade guise:

Obelix and Wally

She’s joined here by her own little stuffed Dogmatix, and of course Wally, as in “Where’s..?” Would love to show you their cute head get-ups (including woolly red moustache and Viking helmet at left and Wally specs and bobble hat at right) but can’t for fear that some Crazytown resident might ID them, then nab them, then hold them hostage until I agree to hand over my  J Crew sparkly necklace collection.

But La missed the parade, due to Wordy obligations. Sometimes working mammahood sux.

Am off to stuff la face with corporate sandwiches. What’s that you say? Emotional eater, moi? Surely not!


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  1. I was down in your stomping ground the past few days. Harbour City put on a lovely show with the weather! Love the Book Week outfits!

  2. how many compliments have the sparkles elicited?


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