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Bondi Beach one day, Lanikai the next.

La Triv is currently sunning laself in Hawaii with two of los besties, Brunny Browser and Amo-is-La-La. But as great as los beaches are, the best bit by far about the trans-Pacific escape is no homework, no cooking and the complete absence of squabbling Junior Cost Centres.



Here’s some gratuitous hotel p**n.




They srsly know how to take care of jaded working-mother Trivs here at The Modern Honolulu. Handsome young men are most forthcoming with poolside cocktails and bite-sized serves of berry sorbet. It’s enough to make a cougar tip. Big.

But the best part is, of course, quality ladytime spent with Brunny and La-La. So very much mindless chat on which to catch up. Pictures of Kardashia to critique in trashy mags. Absent Junior Cost Centres to alternately moan about and miss, in equal measure.

Oh, and shopping to do. But that’s another story for another palm frond-fringed, blue-sky day.

Mahalo x

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