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J and JWe love a bit of Jac & Jack here beneath the dusty rafters, but srsly, La’d look like I’d just been adopted by Madonna and dragged off to a Kabbalah meeting if I wore this.

Meanwhile, we also love some guerilla knitting, And guerilla crochet, for that matter.


Dragged Signor Seriousimo off to look at priceless antiques on sale at 40% off recently. This was la vistascape from the upper floor. Could have been in Avignon! Give or take the corrugated tin roof.

20140527-075050-28250588.jpgSadly all La left with was a Japanese Quince candle, and not a $9,500 gilt-inlaid commode from Napoleon’s bedchamber. Dang and blast that Seriousimo and his frugal, frugal ways; last time I take him shopping. It’s all much better done on the sly. Like an affair or something.


Do yourself a favour and buy this book NOW

My super ace and very clever friend, Ms Jacqueline Lunn, recently launched her second, yes you read that right, SECOND, novel. Oh, and she has three Junior Cost Centres (JCCs) and a Signor and a dog and is studying psychology. And she’s so pretty (see her author pic?!?) and slim; bet she requires no lycra whatsoever in her denim. Cow.

Her latest oeuvre, The Unknown Woman, could be about La — you know, super-enigmatic, now-you-see-her-now-you-don’t international ladyflesh of mystery (!). But it’s not. It’s about Lilith Grainger, an eastern suburbs housewife having a day best described as tricky.

La’m about four chapters in and all I can say is that Lunn really knows how to weave a cracking yarn. And pick a great cover pic.


Swear Jackie was only drinking from ONE of those glasses…

Here’s her and her fabulous hair signing some copies at the launch at Ariel in Paddo. We had wine and too much cheese. Her Signor, her JCCs, her mum and dad and her dad’s American penpal of 50 years were there too. They must all be very proud.



20140527-075343-28423759.jpgSaw thinking woman’s crumpet Alain de Botton recently at the Sydney Opera House. He shared his theory that humans, or “cumins” as the male JCC calls them, are attracted to curries disaster stories because they are our modern “memento mori“, or reminders of our mortality. Take or leave that theory, but Ariel’s selling an old-style MM in striking silver in case you want to remind yourself to throw as much Champagne down your gullet as often as possible because our ends are nigh. (Out of interest, mine are slightly split, too. I know. Too much info.)

20140527-075521-28521421.jpgHere’s a JCC who knows that when you have a book, you have a friend. Oh, and an apple helps too.

And so does a wrought iron antique French daybed on which to nestle. Even if it wasn’t 40% off.

Ciao x


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