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Berry pleasant indeed, part “un”

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So come the Friday of the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, we packed up the Trivialista-Seriousimo family wagon and headed south for an injection of bucolic healthfulness.

The Junior Cost Centres (JCCs) were overjoyed. Not necessarily at the prospect of spending three days with their parents, but at the fact that La Poocha Trivialista, Diggers, was allowed to come along on a famiglia jaunt.

We stayed here. Gorgeous grounds and a very comfy palazzo. The countryside peacefulness was marred only by many very shouty little signs that dotted the house… 20140609-100633-36393117.jpg 20140609-100633-36393956.jpg …often in the most unexpected places: 20140609-100635-36395523.jpg 20140609-100634-36394735.jpg

There was citrus. 20140607-113912-41952652.jpg

Quite a lot of citrus, in fact. 20140607-114220-42140715.jpg     20140607-115352-42832649.jpg

Berry is famous for the Berry Sourdough Cafe — and it never disappoints. Check out this plump, buttery puppy of deliciousness. 20140607-115420-42860324.jpg

Welcome to Signor Seriousimo’s happy place.  Now that you know where that is, you could srsly steal him from me. Welcome to Signor Seriousimo's happy place

Et voila, La Triv’s happy place.  Clock those golden yolks — no sign of chook PMT here, ladies.


Here’s the devastation wreaked by the well-sated male JCC. Note the Pappa-love, hand-me-down, chunky ’90s-style BlackBerry he takes everywhere. 20140607-115605-42965290.jpg

La maison was truly bella. 20140607-115652-43012579.jpg   20140607-115654-43014319.jpg


La knew straight away I was really lichen this place.     I was really lichen this place so far

La Poocha was having the time of his rescue-doggy life.


Sadly, he wasn’t the only animal kingdom visitor. (Must speak to the owners about those dusty rafters.)


Was very happy with the performance of los new Hunters, specially sourced via the webs to accommodate a larger calf. Yay! 20140607-120118-43278343.jpg   20140607-120143-43303168.jpgConsidering we’re in country NSW, we’re actually having a so-Frenchy-so-chic kinda weekend. The JCCs have been French knitting for ‘Straya, while Seriousimo has been watching the French Open (practising his language skills so that one day when he begins to believe in blogs and finally reads this one, he’ll get the lingua).

Hope you’re having a Frenchy, Champagney, buttery croissant of a long weekend. x

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  1. Looks beautiful!!

  2. Brunny Browser

    Ms Widge, looks like you’ve had a lovely weekend. I’m in 5:2 hell at the moment, though – I just want to go to bed so this bloody foodless day is over – so those breakfast pics almost killed me. And don’t get me started on those uptight schoolmarmish notes you find all over cute little weekenders. They’re enough to make me want to go troll on Trip Adviser. Enjoy the truncated work week xxx


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