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Smile, Scotty!

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Triv loves Her Royale Garanceness, and holds several truths about her to be self-evident.  First up, she’s a deadset legend.  Talented (but not precocious), humble (but never faux so) and stylish (she sticks with what works on her).  She also loves a sparkly clodhopper, as do we here beneath the dusty, pigeon-poo splattered rafters of Palazzo Triv.  And sometimes she even blogs about having fat days and her love of wearing yoga sweats.

We know too that she loves Scott Sartorialista.  He, however, is also talented (and very precocious), not humble and stylish-because-he-wills-it-be-so.

Recently, at the Triv Media Control Console, we YouTubed some Garance-and-Scott clips, mostly brief vox poppy grabs.   Garance comes across as gracious, helpful, earnest, wanting to be respectful to the interviewer.  Sartorialista comes across as an ‘angry gnome’ who’d just been bitten by an ant.  But was angry even before the ant.  And check the physical mismatch:

The long and the short of it… Garance and the Angry Sartorialist at the CFDA Awards

Maybe he be an angry gnome because he knows he’s punching well above his height weight.

Personally, on the subject of the ant bite, I think he should have been less angry and more happy that he’d found one of God’s Own Creatures that was smaller than him.*

* Let it be hertohenceforth known that La Triv holds nothing against small men.  Not even a tape measure.  It’s just this small man she finds objectionable.  And she thinks that, unless he smiles more, he’s on borrowed time with his legend girlfriend.

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