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Hany-sized hole

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Another member of the permanent collection of the Trivialista Spunk Yurt is Mr Don Hany.  Here he is, in all his smouldering glory.

“Step away from the gorgeous man,” Nina Proudman remonstrated with herself…

Where is he and why is he currently not on our screens, I ask you?  There’s a Hany-sized hole on my Sony* and no amount of IMDB-ing or Googling appears to be helping me feel it less.  Did Don take a sabbatical?  Is he literally in a yurt?  In Mongolia?  Has he taken up welding or scrapbooking?  Or — egads — has he permanently turned his back on the fickle flame of fame?

Theories please, Treeps.  Or cold hard facts even.

*As I’ve noted in an earlier post, it seems a bit weird and pervy to go on about Other Men, but, happily, whenever Signor Seriousimo peeps up from beneath his pile of legal briefs, he never seems to get ruffled by said pervage.  Obviously very secure in his relationship.

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  2. he was on Tangle wasn’t he?

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