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Bella caramella

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Ah, caramel slice.  The happy, happy situation of chocolate, cooked sugar and cream, plus biscuity sweetness, all rubbing tasty shoulders in such a handy, portable unit.

Sadly, too many of these head down La Triv’s hatch on a semi-regular basis, and Lean, Mean Diet Queen (LMDQ) is not impressed.  She is the person charged with reminding Triv weekly, on a fee-for-service basis, to eat-less-move-more.  BOR-RING.  One might think the ongoing paying of the fee would serve as a disincentive to downing the slices, but nej, as our Swedish friends would say.  That means tasty things mean more to La Triv than money.  Weird, but true.

And, if you think I Posti Trivialisti are a load of inconsequential fluff, you should read the Food Diary proffered weekly to LMDQ.  Worthy of the highest honour bestowed on fiction.

Meanwhile, buon appetito.

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