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The La Triv Manifesto (a work in progress, it has to be said) states that this is not the blog for people looking for commentary on the big themes of the times. That’s why I’m posting about how much I’m loving myself sick over two recent purchases — my Scanlan & Theodore longline navy cardi with black trim, and my Bianca Spender splodgy print silk cami.

“Why’s that, Triv?” I hear the world (not) ask.

Because, my cami has traces of navy and black in it, and tones in perfectly with my cardi.  The happy happenstance of finding two items of clothing so in sync with one another, and which also subvert the old don’t-put-navy-and-black-together fash sacred cow, was as unlikely to happen as another Transit of Venus in my lifetime. Love it when a plan, or even a non-plan, comes together.

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