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I love my Louboutin Simple 70 pumps in black patent.  Here they are, posing with Frangelico.

Muscular-shouldered Italiano love-stud sidling up to coquettish French style icon.  I’m doing my bit for harmony in Europe.  God knows they need it right now, with all that quibbling over who-owes-who-what, who-diddled-what-balance-of-payments-data, whose-bank-duped-whom etc etc (sheesh, sounds a little like life at Palazzo Trivialista when Triv and Signor Seriousimo grit their teeth for the Bi-Annual Come To Jesus Financial Summit).

I have loved these cloddies half to death;  thus they recently had to go into the Heavy Maintenance Hangar for a bit of TLC.  The noice lady there suggested some re-soling, which concerned me.  What would happen to the signature redness, the internationally-recognised signifier of sole style?  I fretted in vain (which, the older I get, seems to be the only way I fret).  I present to you…

…red replacement soles!  Evidently, a certain class of clodhopper maintenance hangar is willing to cater for those of us to whom the original shade of CL sole is important.  Love it.  Happy treads, happy Triv.

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