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There’s loads of cyberdross that finds its way to La InBoxiata.  God knows how.  Los Minions have been directed always to tick that “bugger off and don’t contact me” box.  Maybe finger goo has gummed up our mice and made them  jumpy, as the ticks seem to be ending up in the “show your love by spamming me” box instead.

This, however, is not an example of that dross.  It’s a sunny, welcome notification that it’s J Crew sale time.  La Jenna decrees it, thus it be so.  Happy, happy days here beneath the dusty, pigeon-poo dotted rafters of Palazzo Trivialista.

Of course, a bugbear is the fact that prices charged by J Crew to Australianos are significantly higher than those for our Americano amigos.  J Crew tells Triv it’s “the cost of doing business internationally.”  WOT-evah.  So to get around that, La Triv — a wily shopper since she sprang from the la loins of La Mamma back in the day — engages the services of the fabulous Fiona, Shopper and Shipper to the stars.  Fiona is a top chick, and a Real Flesh And Blood Person.  La Triv had a clandestine meeting on West Broadway in NYC just over a year ago, which may or may not have involved the handover of a black patent pair of those urban shoe myths, Manolo Mary Janes.

Fiona is popping some cut price goodies into her virtual cart on behalf of La Closet as we type.  God bless her, and once again, God bless the www.

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