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Treeps:  I know our relationship is fresh.  After all, this is only my 9th post (so sayeth the WordPress Overlord), and I know there are only two of you reading this blog.  And one of you is, it has to be said, a blood relative.

I haven’t even yawned theatrically and finagled my arm across the back of your seat yet.  But…you’re beginning to feel like you know La Triv, non?  We’re working toward a scenario of mutual respect, aren’t we..?  Baby-stepping our way towards full-blown trust?

If so, you should follow one of the diktats of La Triv Manifesto (sadly, still a work in progress), which is:  Cover Yourself in Kaftastic Glory.  And the best way for you to comply with this diktat is by pouring your form into a Tallulah & Hope kaftan.

Srsly, if La Triv had a choice between one of these and a lifetime supply of caramel slices, caramel slices would be the wallflower at the disco, looking longingly at La retreating back swathed in gloriously floaty T&H gorgeousness.  (Goes without saying that the nice thing about kaftans is their highly Forgiving Shape, which means one could literally ingest nada but caramel slices for a lifetime and still look chic — if well accessorised).

I thank the wonderful Liberty London Girl for introducing me to T&H *nods slowly in direction of LLG HQ in respectful manner of Japanese person*.

And, for Australianos and anyone else outside the Troubled Eurozone, the lovely Zoe and Lisa at T&H (the latter of whose status as a Real Flesh And Blood Person La Triv can attest to; our meeting in Shoreditch in September 2010 may or may not have involved the clandestine handover of a marine/sandgrouse Hero kaftan) always seem to deduct the UK’s evil VAT.  That’s 2000 basis points off the listed price.

Their new n/hemi summer range is online now…and looking for a dance partner.

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  1. I swear I saw a gorgeous woman in one of these jobbies in Palm Springs last fall. Full-blown glamor she was.

  2. Brooke - Little Miss Moi

    Unless they sell kaftans at Target, I’m afraid I will not swathe myself anytime soon… I just can’t bring myself to purchase clothes on the interwebz. You may recant the blood relative claim now.


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