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It’s being called the Winter of Discontent on the Sydney dining scene, and La Triv is Not Happy.

Do I feel sorry for the proprietors going belly up? Most assuredly. Do I pity all the poor waitspeoples who are now forking each other for a shrinking number of hospitality jobs? Most definitely. But for whom do I feel the sorriest? One word.


And it all comes down to a muffin.

The Zoloko Chocolate Muffin, to be precise.

It was muffinistic perfection, the zenith of the art. And it was made by Becasse Bakery, part of the Becasse empire that’s now gone to the wall. (Because of Justin and Georgia North’s decision to base the beating heart of their operations in that blasted Westfield Sydney complex, if you ask me. But sadly no-one did.)

So Becasse Bakery is no more, and nor is my beloved Zoloko muffin.

I will seek prandial comfort in Misschu’s vermicelli salad on this fine winter day, and pray she’s across her overheads.

20120725-134122.jpgUpdate:  It’s actually a ZOKOKO chocolate muffin.  Proves I was always too busy stuffing my face with them to read their name proper.


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