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Lentil we meet again

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If La Triv’s brain has four orbs, approximately three of them are occupied with thoughts of food, around 90 per cent of the time.  This is a pleasantly diverting use of grey matter, but bad for the waistline and the wardrobe.

Above is The Virtuous — Lentil Soup from the caf below my workplace, The Wordporium (that’s the workplace, not the caf).  I could tell you the name of the caf, but that would be Google-able, and I cannot risk allowing my carefully constructed Trivialista mask of anonymity to slip.  This could encourage stalkers and risk the safety of myself and my family, a la Helen Razer in the late 1990s.  I’m not yet ready to retreat from public life.

There’s something about lentils — they are not at all trivial, so it’s strange that I like them and their odd, soil-like texture.  But I do.  Go fig.


This, on the other hand, is The Vicious.  And very tempting to dive into during the evening telly-watching-couch-flopping period of the day.  Trust me, no person who really cares about you would give you these as a gift.


To absolve myself of dirty evening Favourites behaviour (which I think of as only slightly more acceptable than reading 50 Shades of Grey) I whipped up a restorative lemon toddy with ginger and honey, chiefly for Seriousimo, who was feeling the advent of a pesky man cold.  Poor bunny.


This is a very sharp and shiny lift I walk past on the way home from The Wordporium sometimes.  I’d like to install in beneath the dusty rafters of La Palazzo Trivialista as we have five levels, if you count the garage.


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