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Maughan-ing the absence of a Maughan on my wall

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La Triv has wasted significant amounts of time here at the Triv Media Control Console Googling the work of one very talented little Kiwi, Mr Karl Maughan.

This obsession has been led me to finagling my way onto the email lists of galleries that represent him, both here in the Wide Brown Land and across the ditch in Long White Cloudland.

However, the stumbling block always seems to be the, ooh, $30,000 or so needed to secure a Maughan large enough to cover significant wall acreage.

A lovely woman in La Book Group Trivialista has one of his paintings above her mantel in the sitting room of her house in the Gilded Easterly Suburbs.  This is how Karl and I met.  I had a smoky-eye for him and him alone that night, with nothing left for the heated discussion of The Slap (a book about the corporal punishment meted out by a man to a child not his own, as opposed to a book about make-up).

Anyhow, S, owner of the Maughan and a Kiwi herself, tells me Karl is actually losing his sight.  Which makes me want to shed a tear whenever I think about it (a tear that would doubtless ruin my Slap).

So, for now, as Martin Browne‘s about to unveil a new collection of his works, let’s bask in the beauty and talent that is Mr Maughan, and pray he stays active with the brush until my Babcock & Brown-esque financial engineering skills rustle me up a sweet $30K.




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