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Danny Boyle: legend!

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This is probably the closest we will ever get to Live Blogging here at the Triv Media Control Console.  Watching the opening ceremony of the London Olympics… and it is AWESOME.

Love love LOVED those big-headed punks jumping to the Sex Pistols on the Pistorius springs!

Love love LOVED Rowan Atkinson making faces at poncy Sir Simon Rattle.  (La Triv knows first-hand about his ponciness from a friend who had something to do with his recent visit to Sydney… trust me on this one.)

And particularly loved the teenybopper, highly PC mixed race love story, which culminated in the unveiling of Tim Berners-Lee tapping away at an old-school ‘puter!  Geniale!

And Becks motor-boating down the Thames looking like James Bond — such a classy man (if we set aside the Rebecca Loos episode).


China has sent 14 fewer athletes to the Games than Australia..?  Really?  Does it alarm anyone else that a massive command and control economy that hothouses athletes from birth and to which Australia is little more than a pimple on the proverbial butt has despatched fewer sport billies than us?  Perhaps the Wide Brown Land needs to reassess the seriousness with which it takes its sport?  Ya think?!?

Why is Czech Republic wearing short and highly unflattering wellies? Were they playing against dour Eastern European type and trying to be humorous?

(This is almost as much fun as the annual La Triv Oscar fash dissection.)

Ah, La Belle France e La Bella Italia… chic even in sport billy wear.

Loving the dresses of the girls escorting the gaggles of sport billies into the stadium — La Triv is highly partial to a well-executed digital print.


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  1. I do beg to differ re: Becks – the sleeve tattoos lost me.


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