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During La Famiglia Trivialista-Seriousimo’s recent unscheduled stopover in La Grande Pomme, we stayed at the quirky spectacle of magnificence that is the Crosby Street Hotel.

Even with sick and jetlagged Junior Cost Centres in tow, it was great.

And the wonderful, if faceless, men of the insurance world have agreed it’s all claimable.  Even better.

While we were there, we bonded with eminent Sydney art personage, Tim Olsen, over breakfast.  Or, more specifically, over Vegemite and its necessity when travelling.  Poor Tim was not well, and was away from his family, whom he missed very much (it was his son’s birthday). He was completely charming, and — even though I’d not had the pleasure of welcoming him into the Triv Inner Circle earlier — it was lovely to chat to a semi-familiar face.  He also shared a great story about meeting Paloma Picasso.  I was in my happy place.

He reminded me his sister “has a shop around the corner” in New York’s SoHo.  His sister is no less than an Australian Design Genius, one of the founders of a Triv all-time fave, Dinosaur Designs. (Happy, happy was the Christmas past when Seriousimo waltzed into their Strand Arcade boîte, pointed to a mannequin sporting three examples of Dino neckwear magnificence and declared, “I’ll take the lot.”  Pour moi.)

During our meeting, I was happy to inform Tim I had bought this painting a few years ago from his gallery, by the immensely talented Fiona Greenhill.

It hangs beneath the dusty rafters of Palazzo Trivialista, and we love it.

Hopefully future Triv financial engineering efforts will result in more lovelies being transferred from the space beneath Tim’s dusty rafters to the space beneath mine.

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