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La Trivialista is the real deal.  No mask, no front, no fakery:  the genuine article.  What you see is what you get.

However, La Triv does have two alter egos who bubble up to the superficial surface every now and then.  They are Ranty Pants and Little Rebel.

(If right now this is starting to feel like a riddle wrapped in an enigma, bear with me.)

These alter eegs are related.  Normal pattern is for Ranty Pants to get fired up and Little Rebel to pop out in quick order.

This morning, Ranty Pants’s ire was invoked by the realisation that no citizen of the Harbour City is allowed to take coffee onto a public bus.  Even during morning peak hour, when La needs it the most.  Ranty Pants loves nothing more than to get majorly exercised about the frustrations of Living in a Nanny State.  (Not to be confused with the completely non-Nanny State that is currently Palazzo Trivialista.)

Anyhow — out popped Little Rebel.  And an ingenious solution.

Yep, the old under-the-cape-subterfuge.

Said cape is Paul & Joe Sister, purchased in the last winter northern hemi sales from my friends at NAP.

Paul & Joe Sister 

Little Rebel has two other fave ways to flip the bird at the Nanny State — not wearing a seatbelt in cabs and listening to loud music through earphones.

I know, it’s crazy around these parts.  Someone could get hurt.

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  1. I have been known to do a similarly rebellious thing, only I tuck mine into the top of my hand bag and hope the bus doesn’t brake hard!


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