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Smokin’ knobs

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The knobs at the Triv Media Control Console are smokin’, so ferociously have they been twiddled of late.  And here’s a taste of what’s flickered into view on the bank of multiscreens as a result.

This is a cracker — by someone called Meg Bignell who lives in Tassie. Go Meg.

Did you all catch Rakey on ABC1 last Thursday?  If not, here are some dialogular highlights.

Cleaver Greene — amazingly, not bedding a single lady in this still from Rake, season two

  • Rakey referred to the court in which he was barristering as “a Palazzo of Justice” (!!!!! — the Junior Cost Centres, if they could, would likely argue for more justice in our palazzo, but I’ll reign as La Dictatalista for as long as I can)
  • Matt Day looking even spunkier than he did in season one — should he be admitted to the yurt?

There’s a lot to be said for a geek-made-good, in La book

  • Toni Collette as the NSW premier (“I’m queen of the f*****g prom!”) was a stroke of genius — as were her Kristina Keneally-esque side hair flicks
  • Cleaver on why he prefers to — ahem — “date” right-leaning women:  “Left wing women are vegan, all about ‘context’ and talk about an orgasm like it’s a pet spaniel”
  • Premier Toni busted by her husband sending naughty texts:  “Has Shane Warne taught you nothing?!?”

But the best — the very, very best — thing about the return of Rake, is that soon the Don Hany-sized hole on my screen will be no more! Yes — he’s back in all his televisual glory come this Thursday night! *grins in manner of Cheshire cat*

Don’s back — happy days for the Australian ladyhood

You’ll notice I’ve served up Don — à la Damien Trengrove in this week’s upcoming episode — extra large.  My treat to you.

In matters less trivial, regular readers will know La’s a huge fan of the radio program, This American Life.  Its poddies play almost constantly on the Triv Mobile Media Control Console (aka iPhone).  A regular contributor to the show was the writer David Rakoff, who died last month.  Last night’s knob-twiddling yielded a Rakoff gem:  his piece from the live show TAL staged in May this year.  Enjoyez.

If you liked this, you will inevitably love this, TAL’s recently-aired tribute to David.

Life:  it’s for living, non?   Ciao x

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  1. Is it possible that Divine Don has become even spunkier in his time away from us?!?! YES! Thanks for this treat xx

  2. Brunswick Browser

    I was actually a bit disappointed that Rakey didn’t nail the hot terrorist-cum-husband murderer.


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