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Do you get this Harbour City Ladurée mania?  Me neither.

Lords know La appreciates a macaron as much as the next overweight sweet-tooth, but when Signor Seriousimo — who loves nowt more than delivering La a news flash — announced Laduree was opening in Sydney, my first reaction was, “Well they won’t be fresh.”

And so La Smugalista gives you this from last weekend’s Sunday Tele:

“They were made in Switzerland in May before being frozen and shipped to Australia to be stored in a warehouse in Alexandria, but Sydneysiders have gone mad for the world’s most famous macarons.”

Srsly?  And people are lining up for more than 45 minutes to pay $3.30 each for one of these formerly frozen morsels, sold here under license?

We have some great home-grown mac-makers, including AZum and Mr Baroque in the Roques.  So it seems like yet another triumph of marketing over common sense. La cultural cringe lives on.

And everyone knows Pierre Hermé makes the best Parisien macarons anyway.

That said, on our recent jaunt to Paris, our hotel was across the road from St Germain’s Ladurée, and all members of clan Trivialista-Seriousimo scoffed at will.  Pierre was a whole three blocks away; sometimes convenience just wins out.

And so to the Boyfriend.

Don’t fret — Seriousimo hasn’t yet been usurped by a toy boy.

I mean the Current/Elliott Boyfriend.  I have these jeans and, particularly for those of us built for comfort rather than speed, they are outrageously nice to wear.  They can be hard to come by on the interwebs, but here they are on My Wardrobe (good, trustworthy UK site, but not free returns last time La looked — i.e., they’ll refund or exchange for you but you’ll have to wear the cost of posting the goods back to those Great United Kingdoms).

Male JCC, who’s 4, announced yesterday his career goal is to open a laundromat.  “You just have to put the clothes in the machine,  then pull them out and put them in another machine.  It would be really easy.”  And this from the boy who took great offence when two girls at gymnastics told him he was lazy for taking a load off in the middle of class.

Next he’ll be telling me he just wants to open a Ladurée franchise.  “You just defrost them and put them on the counter, then take people’s money. It would be really easy.”  Hmm, he may be onto something…

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  1. Strange to think that for another month and a half or so our chillun’ are the same age!


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