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It’s that time of the week again… the time when you’re well on the way to becoming the best informed and sparkiest person at this weekend’s luncheons and soirées.

Harper Beckham Thighs Now Almost Same Size as Mum’s.  All that California locavore tucker is doing great things for this srsly cute little chubalista.  And her mum put on a great turn at NY Fashion Week.  The frocks were gorgeous, but — and this is up there with those Harry’s-really-James-Hewitt’s-son conspiracy theories — La Triv still suspects Roland Mouret’s her ghost designer.  Just because you’re a top shopper doesn’t mean that — with absolutely no training or experience — you become a top fash designer.  But all power to Posh, who’s up there with Madonna and Kylie as a mistress of reinvention and a triumph of determination over raw talent.

Yoko Ono Presents Peace Award to Family of Imprisoned Pussy Rioter.  As you know, La is loathe to say much against Mother Russia on this blog, for fear of retribution / assasination (what with’s amazing global reach and all). Similarly, you’re unlikely ever to land here and see pictures of the prophet Mohammed.  However, the PR sitch is really quite fascinating, and I particularly love this mini-Rioter doing her robot dance as Yoko spreads the love.

Steve Jobs Returns for Launch of iPhone 5.  Check this dude in Tokyo.  Not sure that La would have picked this as a Steve Jobs mask; perhaps if Steve had been the lovechild of Fan Bing Bing and a Japanese salaryman..? What are your thoughts on the 5? As you know, La firmly believes Last People Standing always, always have it over Early Adopters, so I’ll hold out til my 4 suffers a terminal infarction.

“Does my neck look big in this?”

Daphne Guinness Looks Uncomfy in Stretchy African Neckpiece.  Well, that’s one way to hide a turkey neck.  Longtime fash stalwart Daph looks like she’d prefer to be in a waterboarding room than at a premiere in NYC in this bling. La’s a huge believer in suffering for fashion.  Recently, while watching a B-tween movie with the Female JCC, a warm fuzz-bomb of recognition went off when a character said of super-high shoes, “If they ain’t hurtin’, they ain’t helpin’.”  But this?  This is a furlong too far, even for La.

“Two more years of these tax rates, and I’ll have — hang on, let me count — three, four billion…”

Mitt Romney Pays Only 14.1% Tax on 2011 Investment Income. That’s it, I’m ditching Palazzo Trivialista — I want to go and live in the Romneyverse.  From the point of view of an outsider, what these incredibly-wealthy, high-profile people pay in taxes in the US is obscene. (A point of view reinforced by another viewing of Waiting for Superman beneath the dusty rafters last night.) Reg readers will know we’re no Mittfans here at the Palazzo. He just seems like a bit of a goose, really.

And that’s it for now — dasvidaniya.

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