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Et voila, La Triv Media Control Console, where the knob-twiddling magic happens

Since I created La virtual palazzo here on the interwebs, I’ve been quiety fascinated by the back office business of blogging.

Didn’t think I would be — where are the shoes?  And it’s worth noting that when I call the Wordporium’s IT helpdesk, it goes thus (assume highly agitato vocal tone): “My thingo’s popping up and flashing the box doovy and then that whatsy disappears and it goes blue.  Wasn’t doing this yesterday, I don’t understand — oh, hang on — it’s stop…AAARRRGGHHH!?!!  It just did it again!!!  Bloody hell I’ve got s***loads to do — oh, wait a minute…” (assume highly sheepish tone) “…my cable’s unplugged.”

Srsly, those guys down in their dark cave cannot get enough of me.

Anyhow, despite La extensive tech-savvy, it was news to me that when you have a blog, you can see all sorts of info about how people find it and where they live.

  • In the past week, people arrived at (either on purpose or not) by plugging many different search terms into the deity Google, including “big va-jay-jay (I paraphrase)”. Do they know something I don’t? Sure, neither JCC came out of the sunroof, but I didn’t think things were that bad.
  • People also arrived here after searching “why do Jamaicans do the finger gun” — hopefully they were satisfied when they found Usain.
  • Perhaps due to la use of the word intifada on the “about” page, we now have a reader in “Palestinian Territories, Occupied”?  Welcome, new friend!  We wish you peace in your troubled zone.

Of course, you all know we’re getting big in Europe.  And points further afield.  Was becoming highly conceited excited about this, until seasoned blogger (read: experienced in these matters) and blood relative (read: pulls no punches) sistywinks said this was only because La namechecks loads of labels. Shallow? Moi? Has she not noticed the name of this blog?

Guess things could be worse on the sisters-telling-it-like-it-is front: when a friend of La was pregnant, her sister looked her up and down and declared, “You’re definitely having a girl — she’s stolen all your good looks.” Ouch.

This growing reach makes me think I must resume work on the Triv Manifesto (perpetually a work in progress), so the growing power of this blog can be used for the greater good.  World peace?  Should be a doddle.

After all, you know what they say: if you want a job done, give it to a busy woman.

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