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Look who’s back.

Old Sweaty Toes! Yup, back at la café beneath la Wordporium and once again sharing his stockinged feet and lycra-clad middle-age crisis with his fellow coffee-drinkers — all before 8.15am.  Special.

Maybe he deserves more credit than La gives him.  After all, anyone else suspect Stella McCartney may have drawn inspiration from the likes of Sweaty Toes for her optical illusion-inducing Octavia dress?

Maybe this dress would be the key to La being able to ditch the rabbit food.

Anyhow, onward and upward: anyone else currently stocking up on $6 Arab’s Eye from Coles?  Not at all a PC name for a flower (apologies to readers in Palestinian Territories, Occupied — you are always welcome here beneath the virtual dusty rafters, friends!) but a cracking bloom nonetheless. Srly, lasts for weeks. Here it is amid a more varied assortment of blossoms.

You know what? After a bit of knob-twiddling and consultation with the deity Google, am suddenly seized by panic that what Coles is selling is not Arab’s Eye at all. Los piccies simply do not match the reality that’s currently getting its vase on on my dining table. Anyone know the real name of what Coles is flogging as Arab’s Eye? This will bother La all day.

I know, penthouse problems.


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  1. Why is Sweaty Toes standing against the wall like that? Or is that the counter? It looks like he’s about to relieve himself in the Wordporium foyer… O_O

    • Same question has occurred to me! It is a counter, but we all hang back and wait politely for our java jolts to be ready. He puts it all front and centre!


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