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Festive mohair scare

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What are your thoughts on festivity-specific fashion?

Feels as if every time I cottage and frottage up to Net-a-Porter these days I’m bombarded by images of Yuletide vestments — and we’re not talking robes worn by priests at midnight mass.

Do you think it’s all an ironic high-fash in-joke referencing the hand-knitted jumper Mark Darcy wore to Bridget Jones’s mum’s turkey curry buffet?

Would you agree with La that Colin is married to one of the most beautiful women in the world?

Eek! Can’t remember where I found this pic — if it’s yours please let La know and permission will be sought fawningly, and attribution included

Look how cute they are. I bet they have stunning loin fruits.

This photo is from Livia’s website; she really knows how to affect a smokey eye — v jaloux

Livia seems serene and talented too, and is a lauded eco-warrior.   But while I applaud what she does with the Green Carpet Challenge, I’d be straight on the blower to my old friend Erdem or Mr de la Renta if I was ever invited to walk a red carpet. Nicole, Angelina and Meryl, i.e. women who’ve had more than their fair share of red carpet action, can do the right thing by la earth at Livia’s behest and wear frocks made out of old bread bags and Coke cans. Pas La.

You’ll be pleased to know Movember’s attempts to separate La from los hard-earned lira show no signs of abating. Day after day, selfies of smiling blokes with sparsely-fuzzed top lips land in la inbox, accompanied by heartfelt pleas for cash. Again, La fully applauds the cause and the effort, but wishes there was a less visually affronting way to raise lira for noble blokey causes.

So, in an attempt to tie together the wanton threads of today’s post, I paint you this word-picture:  Mark Darcy in a reindeer ‘sweater’ made out of old computer cables and coffee cups, with some pubescent down atop his lip.

But with a gorgeous, clever Italian wife by his side, who could feel sorry for him?


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